Gold gives your skin a natural glow

Nu Guem from South Korea enjoys her monthly gold mask.

Soaking hot!

The Konda family likes to bathe in a Japanese hot spring with a twist: here the tub is full of wine.

The world is changing its mind on cannabis

Since April 2014 it's legal to grow, sell and smoke weed in Uruguay.

Ever used an eco condom?

On August 28 we kick off the new season with an episode on Condoms. Here's a preview.
Off the beaten track

Need inspiration for the holidays? Metropolis presents two summer specials for real adventurers. We take you back to the craziest places our correspondents have visited in the past series. We go on a township tour in South Africa, visit the Dwarf empire in China and cuddle with crocodiles in Burkina Faso.

In this episode...
Comdoms, weed and the orgasm

This season we'll dive into the world of weed, investigate the worldwide, (diminishing?) popularity of the condom, and we'll hook up with some ex-criminals. 
Here's what to expect
7/31 In part one of our Rough Guide episodes you've seen some pretty special travel destinations. Do you want to know where and how you can experience this yourself? Here's a list for you. Read more...
07/31 In four weeks our brand new season starts with this time a whopping 11 episodes. Here a peek into the first two episodes: condoms and weed. Read more...
7/29 Thursday 31 August on Dutch channel Nederland 3: Metropolis' Rough Guide, part 1. We take you on a trip around the world. Here's what to expect. Read more...
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