Bumpy bus ride in Burkina Faso

In driver Moussa's truck passengers happily share their seats with goats.

Soaking hot!

The Konda family likes to bathe in a Japanese hot spring with a twist: here the tub is full of wine.

Donuts for the bears

How do you deal with wild animals? In the US, Kelsey and Meredith catch bears with donuts.

Gold gives your skin a natural glow

Nu Guem from South Korea enjoys her monthly gold mask.
Worldly advice

Summer is coming and it's getting warmer every day. Sooner or later it’ll be sunny enough for a lovely day at the beach! For a good-looking body, take a look at these methods to keep in shape from all around the world. Prance like a horse to get a tiny figure like Joanna from the USA or take it easy and adjust to the beauty ideals of the South African Thash and Nosh. As professional twerkers, they like big butts. Just like their male fans in Johannesburg.

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Bye for now! We return in July

In the new season of Metropolis, we enter the world of weed. Marijuana is illegal in most countries, but that doesn’t keep the world citizens in this episode from getting stoned. Weed is one of the most popular drugs in the world for a reason.

New reports July 31st
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02/26 You’ll have to wait for some months till the new season of Metropolis starts in July 2014. Until then we want to make you happy with the best, most beautiful and hilarious reports of this season. Reports full of animal trouble, power showers and the occasional nudity from all over the world. Read more...
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