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Metropolis compares remarkable stories from the daily lives of citizens all over the world on various themes. This program has a different approach towards reporting around the world: reports are made by local video journalists.


Every episode we start with a global topic, for which our correspondents look for the answers to shared questions: 'What is it like to be an outsider, or to be an adolescent, gay, addicted or... menstruating? Each episode is a quest for the similarities and differences between cultures in our world, that becomes smaller every day.

Metropolis employs a global correspondent network of more than 70 documentary filmmakers and video journalists from across six continents. Through their eyes we learn more about different cultures and the unexpected aspects of them. We are always looking for new correspondents abroad.

Metropolis is an unique and an award-winning project of Dutch public broadcasting cooperation VPRO and is supported by Dutch NGO Hivos. Our office is located in Hilversum.


Metropolis is supported by:

Metropolis was previously supported by the NCDO, funded by the Dutch department of Foreign Affairs and the European Cultural Foundation.

Who are we? 

Presentation: Stef Biemans

Editor in chief: Arnout Arens

Art director: Arnout Arens, Giselle Micolo, Teus van Sintmaartensdijk

Editorial team: Arnout Arens, Giselle Micolo, Teus van Sintmaartensdijk, Michelle Salomons, Iris van der Spoel, Gabriëlla van der Linden, Evelien Veldboom, Antje Ziska

Production: Alex Klippel

Video editors: Joël Hielckert, Niels de Roos, Arno Ouwejan

Design: Mirka Duijn, Debbie van de Ven

Website development: Tim van den HoffTwing!, Open-Sociaal

Website translation and subtitling: Deirdre Boer, Kim Smits

Based on an idea of: Bregtje van der Haak, Loe Schout, IJsbrand van Veelen

And of course all correspondents.

Special thanks to:

Radio Nederland Training Centrum

Anouk Piket, Caramundo Foundation

Africa in the Picture

Boabab Connections

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04/10 Recently VPRO has interviewed Audrey Biemans, the woman our host Stef stayed in Nicaragua for. Do you want to know how they met? Read more...
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02/26 You’ll have to wait for some months till the new season of Metropolis starts in July 2014. Until then we want to make you happy with the best, most beautiful and hilarious reports of this season. Reports full of animal trouble, power showers and the occasional nudity from all over the world. Read more...
Looking forward to Summer season 2014
02/06 Tonight is the last episode of this season. But don’t worry! Before you know it we’ll be back with a brand new season with no less than 13 episodes. Read more...
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