About Hivos
A free, fair and sustainable world; that is what development organisation Hivos aims to achieve. In such a world, citizens - women and men - are free to make their voices heard. Hivos supports the television programme and website of Metropolis TV, since it offers young correspondents worldwide the opportunity to make and broadcast their video reports. Hivos’ work focuses on sustainable poverty alleviation, with the emphasis on civil society building and sustainable economic development.



Citizen journalism
Based on the idea that citizen journalists can promote the overall freedom of speech in certain countries, citizen journalism plays a significant role within Hivos’ ICT & Media programme.

Partners and projects worldwide
Hivos’ strength lies in joining forces with like-minded partner organisations. Hivos supports more than 800 local civil society organisations in 30 countries in Africa, Asia and Latin America. Join our community and find more information about our partners here.

The Rough Guide - DIY (1)
7/31 In part one of our Rough Guide episodes you've seen some pretty special travel destinations. Do you want to know where and how you can experience this yourself? Here's a list for you. Read more...
New episodes coming
07/31 In four weeks our brand new season starts with this time a whopping 11 episodes. Here a peek into the first two episodes: condoms and weed. Read more...
Off the beaten track with Metropolis (1)
7/29 Thursday 31 August on Dutch channel Nederland 3: Metropolis' Rough Guide, part 1. We take you on a trip around the world. Here's what to expect. Read more...
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