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Metropolis has her roots in The Netherlands, but can be seen on TV in other countries as well. In Belgium, Bulgaria, Greece and in Nicaragua, where even a local edition of the show is produced. On September 12th Metropolis was chosen as one of the 7 best public TV formats of 2011 by the European Broadcasting Union (EBU).


Greek TV station MegaTV has acquired series 1 and 2 and broadcasts several episodes of these series on their channel. And Belgian TV channel Acht has started broadcasting season 8 in september 2011. The show is hosted by Flemish presenter Lisa Smolders.  


Our correspondent Milena Boudinova brought Metropolis to the Bulgarian television audience in March 2011. With presenter Jivko Konstantinov she produced her very own edition of Metropolis using reports from our global correspondent network. 

In Nicaragua the show has been running for two and a half years. Our Nicaraguan correspondent Stef, a Dutchman who is now also the presenter of the Dutch TV show, successfully started his own edition of the show in 2009.  

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