Hairy headbangers and wild rockers - 01/24/2013

This week the Metropolis correspondents are diving in a subculture with global roots: heavy metal. Because you can find metalheads everywhere, even in places where you might not expect it. Like in Botswana.


Metalhead Gunsmoke totally owned that style over there. Dressed in black leather cowboy clothes he headbangs at metal festivals in the capital, Gaborone. With their sweaty hot outfits, Gunsmoke and his friends really stand out in the Botswana streetscape. But their leather-look makes them look more dangerous than they are, because during the day Gunsmoke rather cuddles with the rabbits on the farm of his father.

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Longhaired headbangers and wild hard rockers. Reports are online January 31th at 20:55.

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