Off the beaten track with Metropolis (2) - 08/05/2014

Thursday 7th of August on Dutch channel Nederland 3: Metropolis' Rough Guide, part 2. We take you on a trip around the world. Here's what to expect.

We’ll start this trip in China. If you want to plan a day out like the Chinese do, you go to the Dwarf Empire in Kunming. In this amusement park the littlest people of China entertain you with their shows. At the other side of the country in Beijing, you can eat at restaurant Shao Rou Ren. Here you can see the change in conservative manners in China with your own eyes: for a 10-second French kiss you get served a free dish of beef tongue.

Next stop is the United States of America. In Jamestown village runs Woods Creek: one of the most famous places where prospectors would temper their hunger for gold during the Goldrush.  Along with prospector Dan we’ll search for little goldspecks in this creek.

From material things we travel to the spiritual side in India. The Sikhs living here believe in the healing power of the Holy pond at the Golden Temple. A bath in this supernatural water not only cleans your outside, but also purifies your innerside.

Last but not least we will visit Burkina Faso, where we’ll pet crocodiles for only €1,50. In the village of Basumee you can come very close to these special villagers with the guidance of a local.  

Metropolis’ Rough Guide will be available online on the 7th of August.


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